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Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis and Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford. Suzan

ne Tenner/FXE【福彩心水论坛是不是存在欺诈 】pisode five of Feud kicks off with a montage reminding us that Bette Davis has been nomin【玄机彩图挂牌跑狗 】ated for an Oscar for her role in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?and Joan Crawford has not. Man, if you thought the

y were feuding before…Then here’s Catherine Zeta-Jones again reflecting on the 1963 Oscars, which on the show haven’t happened yet. This scene also gives Zeta-Jones to give another definition of what a “feud” is. You will recall that in the very first episode she clarified that feuds are never about hate, but about 【2018年113期新跑狗图 】pain. I【2017白小姐正版先锋诗 】 would watch a show that was just Cathe【金宇娱乐开奖直播网 】rine Z

eta-Jones just free-associating about the word “feud”

for an hour ev【2020正版黄大仙救世a b 】ery week, but alas, this ain’t that.Cra

wf【吉利网心水主论坛 】ord goes to 【香港马会开小财神 】Price WaterHouse to seemingly contest her lack of Oscar nomination. The man behind the desk assures her Price W【2016大刀皇71 】aterHouse never scre【正版免费资料大全2017四肖三期内 】ws up. Hahaha. Actually she just wan【摇钱树三肖中特图片 】ts to present the award for Best Director at the ceremony. Davis vents to Olivia de Havilland (Zeta-Jones). Crawford vent

s to Hedda Hopper. Everyone is extremely stressed out about what’s going to go down at the Oscars. De Havilland tells Davis not to give the press what they want — a catfight. Hopper wants to literally lo【天灾祸福看天气打一肖 】bby Oscar voters to vote against Davis while keeping Crawford out of it, which is wild. Hopper also hates Davis apparently, which, if F【精准平特一肖l 】eud m【987开奖网987co跑狗图 】entioned this before, I don’t remember it. Crawford and Hopper go about good cop/bad cop-ing Acade【65新版跑狗图每期更新 】my voters, respectively, to tilt th【2020133期跑狗图 】e scales against 【管家婆玄机论坛 】David.Crawford calls up Geraldine Page (played by Sarah Paulson here) who has been nominated for Best Actress. Crawford thinks it’s great that she was nominated (not really) and just wants to congratulate her (nope.) Really what Crawford is doing is getting into Page’s head to try and convince her to not go to the cere【143期独家资料一肖中特 】mony and just let Crawford accept the award for her. T【万彩吧二四六开奖 论坛 】he whole conversation is simultaneousl【蓝月亮高级4码中特 】y hilariou【2016特码走势图 】s and heartbreaking. Crawfor【99期老跑狗图 】d then proceeds to do basically the same thing【平肖平码长年规律综合资料 】 to another Best Actress nominee, Anne Bancroft. Like a lot of thi【跑狗报高清图彩图大全 】ngs on Feud, it’s amazing and wonderful that all【17个数二中二多少组 】 of t【113期特码会出什么肖 】his really happened.Davis gets ready for the big night, very【2018年开奖记录表第25q期 】 confident that she will win Best Actress. Uh oh. A friend

tries to warn C【东方心经114库图 】rawford against stealing the night from Davis if Davis doesn’t win. Crawford agrees this is a terrible idea (I’m just kidding.) Davis talks to her Oscars and literally tells them she’s bringin【2017年平特新藏宝图 】g them home【大唐马会队标 】 a baby brother tonight. Uh oh. De Havilland gives her friend Bette Davis a pep talk and assures her she’ll win. This whole episode is just ‘uh oh’ after ‘uh oh.’Joan 【熊出没玄机图2020 】Crawford has turned the green room into her own【天下报码 wap.tkcp.cc 】 private party someho【香港赛马会珍藏版 】w, despite the protests of Academy officials. Bette Davis storms in and they glare at each【丑是什么波色 网址 】 other 【118图库红姐跑狗图2015 】for about seve【香港曾道人1码中特 】n hours. Crawford takes the stage to present the award for Best Director. Honest to goodness, ever since what went down at the【2020跑狗网新一代跑狗论坛 】 latest Oscars, 【二四六免费资料3o8k 】watching people present awards makes me twice as nervous. There’s a several-minute long shot of Crawford le【二四六天天好资料彩 】ading the Best Director winner backstage that includes her passing 【香港开奖结果开奖直播跑狗图 】a Pepsi machine, Mamacita, and a guy pissing in a urinal. It’s all surreal and【曾道人救世网资料站 】 great.【今期生肖九字头打一肖 】The Best Actress nominees are read. Davis tenses up wait【2018年老板葡京赌侠诗 】ing for her name to 【826988 ccm香港王中王 】be called. Crawford tenses up waiting for either of the names she’s accepting the award on beh【行为正生肖有那些生肖 】alf of to be called. The winner i【2020马报01期开奖时间 】s Anne Bancroft. Bette Davis looks like she’s going to projectile vomit over everything in sight. Joan Crawford looks like the happiest person who’s ever lived as she takes the stage to accept Bancroft’s award on her behalf. Crawford【121期_2020跑狗图 】 gives a short【ww06049万人堂高手论坛 】 speech and walks off stage right past Davis, who is not breathing. Neithe【手写综合资料 】r am I. It is intense.Back h

ome, Davis and de Havilland are seething and drinking heavily. Crawford returns home alone and puts【2020年084期跑狗玄机 】 the O【u588cc又我发发 】scar statue on her nightstand but she still looks very lonely. Just goes to show you. The feud rages on.